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Yale SOM - Master of Public and Private Management

Fuad El-Hibri

Before becoming the executive chairman of the Board of Directors of Emergent BioSolutions Inc. in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Fuad El-Hibri studied for his bachelor of arts in economics at Stanford University. Fuad El-Hibri also attended Yale University, from which he received his master of public and private management (MPPM) in financial management and entrepreneurship.

Started in 1976 as the Yale School of Organization and Management, the Yale School of Management (SOM) was created to provide students with a program for designing a career around management. A curriculum was established that would result in an MPPM for those who completed the course of study.

Since superseded by the Yale SOM’s MBA program, the two-year MPPM program trained students to be effective managers in the nonprofit, government, and business sectors alike. As careers in management have become increasingly interrelated across sectors, those with training in management have come to enjoy more career options.

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