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Interesting Facts about Horses

Fuad El-Hibri

Based in Florida, Fuad El-Hibri serves as executive chairman of the board of directors at Emergent BioSolutions. He has been honored with several prestigious business and community service awards, including Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award for the Greater Washington region and the Rene Moawad Foundation Distinguished Community Service and Achievement Award. Outside of his professional achievements, Fuad El-Hibri is a passionate equestrian.

For people who are just beginning to take an interest in horses, here are few facts they may find interesting.

- A newborn horse starts to walk, trot, and run within a few hours after birth. At this time, its legs are already 80 percent to 90 percent of the length they will be when the horse is fully grown.
- Horses are obligatory nasal breathers, meaning that they cannot breathe through the mouth. Therefore, in situations where the horse is having difficulty breathing, it is crucial to keep their nasal passages open using lubricated hoses until the vet arrives, as the horse may be suffering from a nasal blockage due to an allergy or other reason.
- The only truly wild species of horse today is the Przewalski’s horse, which is found in Mongolia. However, there are many species of feral horses found around the world such as Mustangs, Brumbies, and Kaimanawas.

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