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Biomedical Research Alliance - NIH Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program

Fuad El-Hibri

Fuad El-Hibri is the founder and chairman of the board of Emergent BioSolutions. Concurrently, Fuad El-Hibri serves on the board of the International Biomedical Research Alliance, which runs the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program.

The (NIH) Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program brings together top researchers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe to take part in a selective biomedical PhD or MD/PhD training program. Based on the British system, the program allows students to conduct research in areas of interest without taking required formal courses, as the scholars have already gained valuable experience through engagement in research during employment, summer programs, or their undergraduate research programs.

During their four years in the program, scholars form research teams consisting of at least one NIH lab and another at Oxford or Cambridge. Scholars also benefit from mentoring relationships with scientists from a diverse array of disciplines. To date, the program has produced more than 45 doctoral graduates, and scholars have published 417 articles research in peer-reviewed journals.

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